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cos~ External cosine function
cosine function. cos~ produces a signal which is the cosine of its input multiplied by 2 pi. This produces a listenable sine wave when driven by a phasor~ at audio rates.
hostphasor~ External Retrieve a synchronization signal from a ReWire host.
hr.phasor~ External
jr.phasor~ Abstraction phasor~ with propability controlled, randomized varispeed option
kink~ External Distort the output of a phasor~
Distort the output of a phasor~. kink~ takes phasor~ values and distorts them according to a slope factor. If the input times the slope is less than 0.5, that value is output. Otherwise, a complentary slope is used, equal to 0.5 at the same input value but equal to 1 when the input is 1. This creates a bend or "kink" in the phase waveform when the slope is not equal to 1. If you feed the output of kink~ into a cycle~, the result is that the first part (before the kink) of the wavetable is scanned much more quickly than the second part (after the kink). Can you say CZ-101? Sure you can.
phasor.shift~ External phase signals like phasor~
Outputs phase signals like 'phasor~' with evenly-spaced phase relationships between the outlets.
phasor~ External Sawtooth ramp generator
Phasor~ generates a sawtooth wave. This can be listened to directly, or used as a phase generator for a table-lookup oscillator, such as cycle~ or wave~.
plugphasor~ External Output 0-1 ramp beat-synchronized with host
Output 0-1 ramp beat-synchronized with host. When the host's transport is playing, plugphasor~ will output a beat-synchronized ramp (like phasor~). This ramp can be used to drive a cycle~ for a beat-synced LFO.
rate~ External Time-scale a phasor~
Time-scale a phasor~. rate~ accepts an input signal from a phasor~ and time scales it by a multiplier received as a float in its right inlet.
sadam.phasor~ External Phasor object with maximal resting state.
sadam.phasor~ will generate a ramp between 0 and 1 with the given frequency. The only difference between this object and the legacy phasor~ object is that if frequency is set to 0, the ramp will continue until it reaches 1. This can be useful in scenarios when the phasor is controlling a modulation and for 0 frequency we'd like to turn off the modulation completely, including DC effects.
seq~ External Signal input event sequencer
seq~ is an event sequencer that is driven by a signal input. seq~ is useful for creating looped sequences that are synced to an audio signal. a phasor~ is most useful for this purpose. the signal should always be between 0. and 1.
sync~ External Synchronization from tap tempo, MIDI beat clock or audio click tracks.
sync~ outputs a 0-1 ramp, like phasor~. The frequency of the ramp can be specified in beats per minute (BPM), or by sending sync~ a tempo reference via tap tempo, MIDI beat clock, or an audio signal containing a 'click track.' Also, sync~ generates MIDI beat clock to synchronize external devices.
tl.metro Abstraction Alternative metro. If audio is running, tl.metro is driven by phasor~. If audio is of, tl.metro resorts to standard metro
Useful for tight sync to audio as well as non-real-time rendering.
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