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bufedit~ External It enables you to modify data in buffer~
It enables you to modify data in buffer~. It will be useful for making weird sound or impulse response. Don't ask me why don't you use peek~... I didn't know peek~ untill I've finished coding of bufedit~. bufedit~ has advantages and disadvantage with peek~. Advantage of bufedit~ is a lot of supported messages, for example, it is possible to make a window with a few command without Uzi, or when performing convolution and if impulse response is static or less changes, bufedit~'s fft command will help you with computational expences. And unlike peek~, bufedit~ can store value greater than 1. Disadvantage is that I strongly believe DZ's programming skill is superior than mine and I've not tested bufedit~ much yet (it seems stable for me). So please use bufedit~ at your own risk, I don't owe any responssibility to disbenefit caused by using bufedit~.
buffer~ External Multichannel sample buffer
buffer~ works in conjunction with many different objects, including play~/groove~ (to play the buffer), record~ (records into the buffer), info~ (to report information about the buffer), peek~ (to write into/read from the buffer like the table object), lookup~ (to use the buffer for waveshaping), cycle~ (to specify a 512-point waveform), and wave~ (to specify a waveform).
jit.peek~ External Read matrix data as an audio signal
The jit.peek~ object reads the value of one plane of a matrix cell at the position specified by the signal inputs. This value is output as a signal. The object arguments are [matrix_name] [dim_inputcount] [plane].
peek~ External Read and write buffer~ values
Read and write buffer~ values. peek~ treats buffer~ as if it were a floating-point table object. You can write single values, and read from the buffer~ by index.
sampeek~ External table access
table~ External Table~ manages a sample table for holding sound samples, accessible by the objects sampread~, sampwrite~, and sampeek~.
tabpeek~ External index a signal in a table~ object by sample number
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