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ad.rndCandycaneColor Abstraction Randomizes multislider colors
Tired of modifying multislider colors according to your mood swings? Relieve yourself of control and generate new glorious greyish pastels every time you open the patch anew.
fpic External Display an image file in a box
fpic is a user interface object which reads in an image file and displays the picture in a box. It behaves identically to pictures pasted into a patcher window with the Paste Picture command, but avoids the hassles of saving pictures into patcher files. To read in a new picture, you can either use the read or readany messages (shown below) or select the image file from the object's inspector (Get Info... in the Object menu). The object's box will not be resized after the file is read in, because some image files may have ridiculously sized boxes. By default the picture is always drawn at 100%. The name of the last image file read in and the current box size are saved in the patcher file, so the picture should read in automatically if the file is located in the same folder as the patcher or elsewhere in the search path.
gem.part_killold External Kill particles that are past a certain time
irsend External You can control your infrared-based devices from max. You can control color-bulbs from Ableton Live for instance.
irsend is a Max-Extension to send IR-Codes from Max or Max4Live.

You need the WinLIRC-Package and a IR-(Transmitter)-Hardware.

I recommend the IR-Toy from “Dangerous Prototypes”, but I think every Transmitter, that is supported by WinLIRC, will do it too.

WinLIRC has to run in background, so that irsend can use it.

The irsend-extension was not a lot of work, i just copy&paste the code of Transmit.exe in
a C-Max-extension.
Lpast External A threshold detector with hysterisis.
A threshold detector with hysterisis. There is a target and a reset point. The first number that is equal to or higher than the target will produce a bang. No further bangs will be produced until a number equal to or lower than the reset point has been received. If the target is lower than the reset point, all senses are reversed.
past External Report when input increases beyond a certain number
Sends a bang when a number of list of numbers rises above a certain value
vpicture External Image pasted into a patcher
Pictures are placed into Patcher windows by copying a picture to the clipboard and choosing Paste Picture from the Edit menu. They can be used in conjunction with ubutton to make "buttons" you can click on.
WHITEBOX EMPTYFIELD Patch A simple PRESET recaller utility with a clear interface.

Use it in your own MAX/MSP device design. Will not work on its own.

Detailed instructions, if required, inside the patcher.
For use in Ableton Live 8 and up. This is a cut and paste patch for any design that needs access to up to 16 presets.

The point of this is that it's a ready-made and attractive interface to include in an instrument or effect.
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