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filename Abstraction sends out a read message with the full pathname of the chosen file.
In Max 4 and later, use opendialog instead
mydialog External an opendialog box (just AIFF,Sd2f and Wave file) they can return the type of file.
opendialog External Open a dialog to ask for a file or folder
The opendialog object takes a list of one or more file types and allows you to select a file from among those types. To choose a folder, use the "fold" type. opendialog reports the entire pathname of the file or folder chosen, which can be passed to any Max object after the word read or load.
strippath External Remove path information from a full pathname, leaving just the filename
strippath can be used with the output of objects such as dropfile and opendialog to remove path information. strippath also tells you whether the resulting filename is in the search path or not, so you can decide whether you should use the full path or just the filename.
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