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ajm.ruby Javaclass (mxj) Ruby interpreter for Max
Ruby is an easy to learn and very powerful object oriented "scripting" language. This is an MXJ external that gives Ruby access to Max's Java API (so you can do things like script your Max patches), as well as access most of the standard Java and Ruby APIs.
curve Javaclass (mxj) more accurate curve~
a Java/mxj~ implementation of curve~ which is more linear when the curve value is 0. Paradoxically, this is based on the curve~ object from the pd cyclone project which itself is a "port" of most objects from Max/MSP!
dayofweek External Returns the current day of week.
A bang on dayofweek's input returns an int representing the current day of week.
1 for Sunday, 2 for Monday, , 7 for Saturday.
Please note that [mxj now] will give you the same information, and much more...
de.sciss.net.UDPOSCPort Javaclass (mxj) a max java (mxj) external for bidirectional OSC communication over UDP.
! OBSOLETE - superceded by PDOSCClient object ( http://maxobjects.com/?v=objects&id_objet=4654 ) which works both in Max and PD!

supports sending and receiving on the same port, supports untimed and timed bundles. requires java 1.4+. requires NetUtil OSC library (included)
fibonacci Javaclass (mxj) outputs the requested element of the Fibonacci sequence as a symbol
The fibonacci mxj class uses the Java BigInteger class, which allows for math manipulations of integers of any size.
Flies Javaclass (mxj) Flies simulation
In this example the java class Flies.class loaded by mxj is outputting LCD drawing commands for each fly out the 1st outlet and the X, Y, and Z coordinated of each fly out the 2nd outlet in response to the bang message. All computation is done in Flies.class with the exception of the actual mapping to the ioscbanks. Each fly is mapped to an oscillator in ioscbank with;
jitarchean Javaclass (mxj) evolving cellular automata
Ported from http://douweosinga.com/projects/archean into mxj/Jitter. This is a cellular automata and generates evolving patterns.
jithtmlrender Javaclass (mxj) Renders HTML into a Jitter Matrix
Using the Cobra/Lobo library this mxj class renders HTML into a Jitter Matrix and enables scrolling.
maxlispj Javaclass (mxj) LISP interpreter object (Common Lisp)
Version 0.96 of the [mxj maxlispj] LISP interpreter object
available for download for those who want to do some serious Processing
of Lists (Hey! LISt Processing! Wow!):


This relatively complete implementation of Common Lisp uses the "abcl"
(current version, 0.23.0) java-based interpreter authored by Peter Graves
as a base. LISP is a wonderfully elegant language for having all kinds
of algorithmic fun.

The current version is a more complete implementation of Common
Lisp with improved error-handling. This version is for OSX 10.5/6,
Max5. It may run on Windows 7; I'll be updating it direcly soon.

Full source for both the "abcl" java classes and the [maxlispj] java
classes is also available at the website above.

I hope you enjoy this and can find it useful. Happy 2011!

Brad Garton
Columbia University Computer Music Center
midiparty Javaclass (mxj) midiparty is an mxj class which parses midi files and spits them out in either textual or raw format.
Right now the demo file is very messy but you will get the idea.It is a work in progress. Good introduction to using Java to interact with midi files.
mxj External Execute Java code in Max.
mxj cataDelaunay External Java external for computing the Delaunay Triangulation of a given set P of n points in 2 dimensional space
mxj filebrowse Javaclass (mxj) Example of using Java to control LCD to make an interactive file browsing widget.
mxj jmonkeybessel Javaclass (mxj) calculates Bessel function at J(n)(B) where n = bessel number, and B = index number.
ported for use in max from jmonkey engine class Bessel.
mxj syscommand Javaclass (mxj) Java classes for the Max mxj extern which enable the execution of OS system commands from within Max.
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debug: SELECT prenom, nom FROM auteurs RIGHT JOIN auteur_libraries USING (id_auteur) WHERE auteur_libraries.id_library='146'Fredrik Olofsson some java classes for max
loadbang.net SQL
debug: SELECT prenom, nom FROM auteurs RIGHT JOIN auteur_libraries USING (id_auteur) WHERE auteur_libraries.id_library='99'Nick Rothwell A Java library for communicating with SQL databases from MXJ. We currently support MySQL and HSQLDB. The HSQLDB system includes an embedded database instance, so it runs automatically from text files in Max\'s search path; no external database server configuration is necessary.
debug: SELECT prenom, nom FROM auteurs RIGHT JOIN auteur_libraries USING (id_auteur) WHERE auteur_libraries.id_library='130'Nick Rothwell net.loadbang.groovy is a package which supports the Groovy scripting/programming language within MXJ for Max/MSP.

Groovy is an agile, dynamic language for the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) which builds upon Java by providing features such as closures and support for domain-specific programming (such as XML processing and database access). It integrates seamlessly with Java and is very similar in syntax.
debug: SELECT prenom, nom FROM auteurs RIGHT JOIN auteur_libraries USING (id_auteur) WHERE auteur_libraries.id_library='131'Nick Rothwell Embedded Python interpreter for MaxMSP, using Jython and MXJ. This is a companion release to the Groovy interpreter.
debug: SELECT prenom, nom FROM auteurs RIGHT JOIN auteur_libraries USING (id_auteur) WHERE auteur_libraries.id_library='128'Nick Rothwell Jetty-based embedded web server for MaxMSP. The server is packaged into an MXJ object, and can serve files from any directory in MaxMSP\'s search path. The server implements two-way communication with Max: the object reports web requests into the Max world, and Max can create attribute bindings for JSPs.

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