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mute1~ Abstraction fade out
This abstraction is not to be confused with the standard MSP external object mute~, as the two objects serve different purposes. Back in the early days of MAX/FTS on the ISPW, mute1~ was created as a way to quickly fade out a portion of the signal chain, without causing clicks. Unfortunately, its name is very similar to that of the mute~ object in MSP, which is designed to brutally switch on and off the DSP calculations within sub-patchers.
mute~ External Disable signal objects in a patcher
mute~ provides an easy way to disable only the signal objects in a subpatcher. An alternative is to use pcontrol as shown below, but this disables all objects (i.e. MIDI) and is slightly slower.
pass~ External Elminate noise when listening to a muted subpatcher
Elminate noise when listening to a muted subpatcher. Use pass~ before the outputs of a subpatcher you intend to mute. When the subpatcher is disabled using mute~, the pass~ object outputs a zero signal. Otherwise it passes the input to the output. If pass~ isn't used, the output of a muted subpatcher could be any signal, even one making unwelcome noise, because the function of mute~ is not to zero the volume of the output but to eliminate the DSP processing (and therefore the CPU utilization) of the subpatcher. An alternative to using pass~ would be to put a volume control on the output that is set to zero when the subpatcher is muted.
unmute~ Abstraction
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