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ad.rndCandycaneColor Abstraction Randomizes multislider colors
Tired of modifying multislider colors according to your mood swings? Relieve yourself of control and generate new glorious greyish pastels every time you open the patch anew.
ll_number External ll_number is a combination of number and slider with
formatting options,
individual digit drag,
logarithmic slider
key-support and
multislider option
(it replaces the abstractions ll.number and ll.msms.
but i did not find a way to delete these from this database.)
ms-table Abstraction Abstraction for display / editing of tables with multisliders.
mslcd Patch re-creates the basic functionality of multislider using lcd. interpolating version included...
multislider External an array of sliders or a scrolling display
plugmultiparam External Define an array of plug-in parameters (pluggo)
plugmultiparam is similar to plugparam in that it defines plug-in parameters. However, parameters defined with plugmultiparam are hidden from the plug-in Parameters slider interface, and are intended to work with the multislider object in the configuration shown below.
plugstore External Store a list of numbers in multislider format (pluggo)
plugstore is intended to work with plugmultiparam so you can have a set of hidden parameters, but don't need to use a multislider. plugstore "spoofs" the behavior of multislider relevant to plugmultiparam
tl.viewsound~ Abstraction Simple real-time sound wave display using two multisliders
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