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midiinfo External Set a pop-up menu with current names of MIDI devices
When midiinfo receives a bang or int in its left inlet, it sends a series of messages which will set up a pop-up menu to a list of MIDI output devices. If you check "Evaluate Item Text" in the pop-up menu dialog, you can connect the right outlet of the menu to a MIDI output object to select MIDI devices by name. A number in midiinfo's right inlet creates a list of MIDI input devices.
St.MidiInport Abstraction Like midiinfo this abstraction will feed with its left outlet a menu with the names of midi devices but it will also set it to the name which comes as parameter.
You do not have to know the complete name it will take also any part of it (I never know how Quicktime Musical Instruments is spelled inside OMS and I don't want to type in those lengthy names which might be there anyway)
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