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afterglow.max.Metro Javaclass (mxj) Control an Afterglow Metronome
Adjust and query an Afterglow Metronome, allowing you to control and respond to the musical time that is driving a light show.
ajm.metro Abstraction transport-synced metro with relative time output
ajm.midi2coll Abstraction Convert midi files to coll data for sequencing with ajm.metro
This is an abstraction but most of the logic is written in Ruby via ajm.ruby
autocount External Similar to counter object but with internal metro.
Has a few additional features and slightly different behavior. autocount does not repeat the extremes when it reaches min or max in the updown or downup patterns. Changing min does not reset the current counter value. It has three additional patterns: oscillate, random, and follow. Its metro function has two modes, max, and accurate.
bpm External A simple patch that converts float and integer to a bpm value for metro.
Use between integer/float (right inlet) and metro. Left input requires a bang to make the calculation. Only works in common time. For example set Integer to 120bpm, metro will output 500ms.
clocker External Metronome that reports time since it started
Report elapsed time, at regular intervals
defer External De-prioritize a message
When Overdrive mode is enabled, objects such as metro operate at interrupt level. This locks out other processing from happening, which may affect timing performance. If you want to execute a time-consuming task, such as using an Uzi for repetitive operations or the bang message to a table object, you can defer the interrupt level output to the lower priority main event level by passing a message through the defer object.
divider~ External divider~ is a precise time division maker (well not work exactly on max but...) which works like 'metro'.
divider~ is a precise time division maker (well not work exactly on max but...) which works like 'metro'. need to turn on MSP.
dot.randometro Abstraction Like the "metro" object but outputs randomly within a range.
Like the "metro" object but outputs randomly within a range.
f0.clock Abstraction slow down metro/line/delay/pipe/clocker/timeline objects
imp.dmx.get Abstraction "imp.dmx.get gets the values of specific channels from a DMX Jitter matrix and outputs them as channel/value pairs. By connecting to a qmetro, it can be used to continuously lookup the values of certain channels rather than an entire matrix."
jmod.qmetro Jamoma Module a qmetro module
jr.metro~ Abstraction A signal domain metro with both steady and variable tempo
metro External Metronome that outputs bangs
Metro takes one optional argument which is the metronome time in milliseconds. The left inlet takes int which starts it with a non-zero value and stops it with the value zero. The right inlet takes int to change the metronome speed. The outlet sends bang.
metro-dev% Abstraction rythm generator
Introduces irregularities to an equal pulsation by deviating from a given pulsation speed ("inégalité", "rubato", "human feeling").
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