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hoa.meter~ External A sound field meters and descriptor UI.
hoa.meter~ displays the peak levels for a circurlar array of loudspeakers. It computes and displays the energy vector. The number of loudspeakers is defined at the object creation with the attribute @ls and the offset of the loudspeakers is defined with the attribute @offset (ex : hoa.meter~ @ld 16 @offset 0.5).
jcom.meter~ External logarithmic level meter
levelmeter~ External A VU-style meter with ballistics and range control.
meter~ External Signal level meter
meter~ is a simple signal level meter that can be attached to any signal whose level is between -1 and 1. Other signals should be scaled first. Each "LED" on the meter represents a change of 3dB from the previous step, by default. The red "over" LED comes on if the signal is greater than or equal to 1, and lasts for about a second. You can change the redrawing interval with the interval message. Resizing the meter gives its vertical or horizontal orientation, depending on whether its height is greater than its width or vice versa. meter~ outputs the peak signal value received every redrawing interval. Additional appearance settings, such as number of LEDs, and their colors can be set using the inspector (by chooseing "Get Info..." in the object menu).
rms1~ Abstraction measures the average amplitude of a signal
rms1~ is a measure of the average amplitude of a signal using the RMS (root-meansquare) method. Although MSP already has an amplitude level peak meter (meter~) it is not as useful for amplitude or envelope following as rms1~.
vu1~ External vu meter display
Even though MSP is well furnished with fancy graphic signal displays like scope~ and meter~, they do not provide a true vu meter display, a ballistically damped display of the average sound volume. The vu1~ module is very handy for monitoring the level of signals anywhere in the patch and provides a point of reference for the values that you would have on a mixing console.
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