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ajm.seq Javaclass (mxj) traverse and manipulate a sequence of numbers, messages, and lists
modular sequencer object that supports note name parsing, chords, and more
cosm.audio~ External Sonify an object controlled by cosm.nav, including distance filtering, doppler, and control messages for cosm.ambi.encode~
cosm.nav External Control object movements and orientations within a world, including messages for jit.gl.* objects
cosm.render External Translates world state into messages for jit.gl.render and jit.window
2p2z~ External two-pole two-zero filter
F2p2z~ [2p2z~] is a message-based two-pole two-zero filter which is more costly than the filter object f2p~ [2pole~] but less expensive than wahwah~.
2pole~ External two-pole filter
F2p~[2pole~] is a message-based two-pole filter which is less costly than the other two filter objects in MAX: f2p2z~ [2p2z~] and wahwah~. This is the simplest resonant filter possible in Max, the equation being: y[n] = c0*x[n] + c1*y[n-1] + c2*y[n-2] where x[n] is the input signal, y[n] is the output signal and c0, c1, and c2 are the 3 coefficients. See wahwah~ and f2p2z~ [2p2z~].
3D_Text_Button External Create 3D buttons with 2 different text messages for in/out positions
Create 3D buttons with 2 different text messages for in/out positions; multiple modes of operation including “radio button” type operation, where all buttons in a certain group are linked, and only one can be down at a certain time, and selecting a different one returns others to the out position; complete control of font, style, size, font color, button colors, etc.
active External Notify when a Patcher window is the active window
active will output a 1 when the Patcher window becomes active (i.e., it is the front-most window and its title bar is hilited), and output a 0 when the Patcher window becomes inactive. You can use this to change the user interface of your window. For example, in this patcher, messages from the key object are turned off when the window is made inactive. Make the Max window the active window and type, and you will notice that numbers are no longer printed in the Max window when you press a key.
adc~ External Output audio from computer's input source
adc~ (which stands for "analog-to-digital conversion") receives multiple channels of audio in and sends it to its outputs as signals. It receives messages to turn audio on and off.
aereceive External Receive Max messages as Apple Events
aesend External Send Max messages as Apple Events
ajm.error Javascript (js) print error messages to the Max window
ajm.polyroute Abstraction route messages to poly~ targets with OSC syntax
Depends on the OSC-route object (http://cnmat.berkeley.edu/downloads)
am-boids External A 2D implementation of Craig Reynold's boids algorithm for simulating flocking and shoaling.
The boids algorithm is implemented with full control over simulation parameters (speed, distance from each other, max turning angle, etc.). The boids' movement can also be influenced by a mouse- (or message-) controlled predator. Position and velocity data are output at every iteration.
ambi.decode~ External Decodes an ambisonic encoded sound field to a user-defined speaker array of up to 16 channels (more can be added by using more than one ambi.decode~ object).
messages control the speaker layout, global gain, mono/spatialized balance, and decoding flavour.
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André Sier
Eric Singer
Wesley Smith
Based on Simon Fraser's implementation of Craig Reynolds' Boids algorithm.
Boids is free for non-commercial use.

Boids is a bird flight and animal flock simulator. It is based on the same algorithm which was used in Jurassic Park for the herding dinosaurs.
Boids takes an integer argument which is the number of boids. Each time Boids receives a bang, it calculates and outputs the new positions of the boids. The output consists of thew coordiantes for each boid, the number and type depending on the mode.

The flight parameters can be changed with messages. Use the 'dump' message to output a list of the current parameter settings.

For more information about the Boids algorithm, see Craig Reynolds' Web site at "http://reality.sgi.com/employees/craig/boids.html".
Tom Mays bulk storage memory device for all values (any message)
Optimized Gates
Stephen Kay 7 different optimized gates ("bgate" for bangs, "igate" for ints, "fgate" for floats, "sgate" for symbols, and "lgate" for lists. These do not need to do a message lookup, since they only deal with one data type. Also includes "andGate" and "orGate" by David Roach)
ri.rotatexyz MSP objects
Ryo Ikeshiro Calculates 3D coordinates after rotation around the x, y and z axes by performing matrix (mathematical, not Jitter) multiplication at signal rate. Ideal for generating signal rate panning data for use with the rotatexyz message to jit.gl.render.

Currently only available for Mac OS X 10.5 or later (Intel). The following have only been tested on Max 5.

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