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ajm.makenote Abstraction make / transform notes
Use durations expressed in beats for use with the transport system.
ddg.arp External a full-fledged analog-style arpeggiator.
a full-fledged analog-style arpeggiator. while max is the perfect language to implement an arpeggiator, i wanted to create a stand-alone external for simplified synth creation. includes:
-up, down, up/down, rotate (roland-style) and random directions
-as-played or sequential note order
-makenote-style note duration control
1 to 6 octave range
-the perfect addition to an synth-building project.
f0.makenote External replacement for the standard [makenote] object. this one also handles midi channels
makenote External Generate a note-off message following each note-on
notegen External Variation on makenote.
Eliminates holes created when a short note sends a note-off before another generated note on the same pitch has been completed. makenote generates a noteoff for each noteon. notegen sends noteon and noteoff messages in a slightly more discriminating manner.
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