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lores~ External Low-pass filter with resonance.
Low-pass filter with resonance. lores~ implements a cheap lowpass with an adjustment that lets you add the resonance you've been looking for. The middle inlet sets a kind of cutoff frequency, but the sharpness of the filter depends on the resonance. 0 is a little bit sharp and 1 as sharp as you're going to get.
lpass2~ Abstraction lowpass filter
A second-order IIR lowpass filter which is similar to the standard MSP object lores~ (a resonant lowpass filter). Like lpass1~, the cutoff frequency in the second inlet defines the point at which the high frequencies will start to be attenuated. However, lpass2~ also takes a "damping factor", which controls the slope of the cutoff. Damping values greater than 1.41 produce a mild slope similar to that of lpass1~. However, damping factor values less than 1.41 produce moderate to extreme gain boost around the cutoff frequency, characterizing this filter as a resonant lowpass filter (the gain boost creates a mild to pronounced resonating effect).
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