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bpf_with_Lcd_ed2 Patch UI example how you can use Lcd to create customized breakpoint function editors.
colorblobs Abstraction Graphical multi-dimensional interpolation spaces for pattrstorage.
Based on the same principle as that on which the user interface for Electrotap's "Hipno" is based, colorblobs is a graphical preset interpolation interface. Unlike hipno, colorblobs can interpolate between the presets stored in any pattrstorage object. The heavy lifting in this abstraction is done by carefully written java code for optimal speed. The graphics are provided by an LCD (faster than any JSUI or jitter graphic). The distribution comes with a set of example patches for using colorblobs to control synthesis, processing, spatialization, and also to control the very spatial configuration of a color space using another color space. For more on this data management concept, see Ali Momeni's paper: http://ali.corpuselectronica.com/documents/intuition.pdf
dot.sparkline Abstraction Draws a sparkline from a list or stream onto an lcd object.
Draws a sparkline from a list or stream onto an lcd object.
drag and drop Patch example using LCD
drawbar Patch a "multipictslider" of sorts. lcd-based bank of graphic sliders.
filebrowse Javaclass (mxj) control LCD to make an interactive file browsing widget.
Flies Javaclass (mxj) Flies simulation
In this example the java class Flies.class loaded by mxj is outputting LCD drawing commands for each fly out the 1st outlet and the X, Y, and Z coordinated of each fly out the 2nd outlet in response to the bang message. All computation is done in Flies.class with the exception of the actual mapping to the ioscbanks. Each fly is mapped to an oscillator in ioscbank with;
jit.gl.sketch External GL parallel to lcd
The jit.gl.sketch object records a list of 3-D drawing commands. These commands range from simple turtle graphics to the majority of the OpenGL API.
jit.lcd External QuickDraw wrapper
The jit.lcd object is a wrapper for many QuickDraw commands.
jit.lcd-layers Patch jit.lcd-layer is a utility patch to assist in using jit.lcd\'s drawpict message to draw layers with different positions, sizes, and transfermodes.
jit.turtle External 2-d turtle graphics interpreter
The jit.turtle object emulates simple LOGO-style graphics. It interprets single char values in its inlet as ASCII letters that describe turtle graphics commands. A valid ASCII input will generate appropriate drawing commands for use with either the Max lcd object or the jit.lcd object
jr.stopwatch Abstraction Shows elapsed time in either lcd or a message box in format hh:mm:ss. (Extended vesion of 'kronoLCD' by Kasper T Toeplitz)
lcd External Draw shapes, lines, and text into a box in a patcher window
The original LCD object was written by Michael Lee, with additional features by Steve Ellison and David Zicarelli. This is a completely new implementation (yes, from scratch) by xoaz dudas, with a lot of cool additions by Joshua Kit Clayton.
LcdAzdDist External convert the output of a lcd to Az and dist coordinates
lcdbrowse Patch lcd-based static menu pane. optional auto-size, scrolling, colors, etc.
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