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ad.rangeslider Javascript (jsui) A jsui implementation of the rslider.
bbcomment.js Javascript (jsui) pseudo-BBcode comment object
an extened comment object implemented using jsui enabling pseudo-BBcode scripting for text layout. Updated, in particular to enable color changes.
colorblobs Abstraction Graphical multi-dimensional interpolation spaces for pattrstorage.
Based on the same principle as that on which the user interface for Electrotap's "Hipno" is based, colorblobs is a graphical preset interpolation interface. Unlike hipno, colorblobs can interpolate between the presets stored in any pattrstorage object. The heavy lifting in this abstraction is done by carefully written java code for optimal speed. The graphics are provided by an LCD (faster than any JSUI or jitter graphic). The distribution comes with a set of example patches for using colorblobs to control synthesis, processing, spatialization, and also to control the very spatial configuration of a color space using another color space. For more on this data management concept, see Ali Momeni's paper: http://ali.corpuselectronica.com/documents/intuition.pdf
console.js Javascript (jsui) a jsui console object
a jsui console object (like the max window)
ej.lui.js Javascript (js) JavaScript which creates a JSUI... and then kills himself :-)
jcom.jsui_sr.js Javascript (js) Sampling rate thingy!
jcom.jsui_texttoggle.js Javascript (js) text toggle
jr.360dial.js Javascript (jsui) as jsui_360dial.js but with endless dial behavior
jsui External A Javascript user interface and OpenGL graphics environment.
pattr_ui.js Javascript (jsui) jsui for pattrstorage that looks and behaves like the old "preset" ui object.
* Shift-click to store
* Click to recall
* Double-click for storage window
* Click-drag (horizontally) to interpolate between neighboring presets.
* resize to change number of visible slots.
resonance-display Javascript (jsui) Resonance and sinusoidal Model Display and Editing (jsui)
SDIF-menu2 Javascript (jsui) Attractive tabular display of information from SDIF-fileinfo about the streams in an SDIF file. (jsui)
timeline.js Javascript (jsui) The timeline is a graphical jsui object in a bpatcher which allows the graphical arrangement of events in time. These events can be edited with the mouse or with messages to the left inlet.
The messages are sent to a reference coll each time they a
Timeline.js works in conjunction with the "timelineBP.maxpat" bpatcher.
All operations are carried out in this bpatcher and
all timeline events are written to a coll inside the bpatcher.

The timeline does not sequence any events.
All it does is to provide a GUI which lets you create and edit events. These events are then written to a coll inside the timeline bpatcher. There's no fixed project length, you can add as many events in a time span as you wish--you just have to set the offset accordingly to see them (use the length message).
The same applies to the number of rows. They are not limited, just select the correct row offset (use the depth message).

There are currently two shortcuts:
"Backspace" will delete the selected elements
"i" will open the inspector for the selected event
Shortcuts only work if mouse is over the timeline-object!

The inspector will let you edit events. If used in conjuction with a pattrstorage, the inspector will grab a pattrstorage client list and display it in a menu.
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