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ad.rangeslider Javascript (jsui) A jsui implementation of the rslider.
bbcomment.js Javascript (jsui) pseudo-BBcode comment object
an extened comment object implemented using jsui enabling pseudo-BBcode scripting for text layout. Updated, in particular to enable color changes.
colorblobs Abstraction Graphical multi-dimensional interpolation spaces for pattrstorage.
Based on the same principle as that on which the user interface for Electrotap's "Hipno" is based, colorblobs is a graphical preset interpolation interface. Unlike hipno, colorblobs can interpolate between the presets stored in any pattrstorage object. The heavy lifting in this abstraction is done by carefully written java code for optimal speed. The graphics are provided by an LCD (faster than any JSUI or jitter graphic). The distribution comes with a set of example patches for using colorblobs to control synthesis, processing, spatialization, and also to control the very spatial configuration of a color space using another color space. For more on this data management concept, see Ali Momeni's paper: http://ali.corpuselectronica.com/documents/intuition.pdf
console.js Javascript (jsui) a jsui console object
a jsui console object (like the max window)
curve.function.js Javascript (jsui) Generate curve~-compatible breakpoint envelopes
This is now merged into ejies 1.58b1.

("beta" release) extends Emmanuel Jordan's ej.function.js to enable editing of curves between breakpoints, compatible with curve~. Requires ejies to be installed (http://e--j.com). Now works with ejies 1.57 and has its own inspector and a slightly better help file.
DeltaT Collective Graphical interpolating delay/panning tool for arbitrary placed loudspeakers.
This is a small collective to enable the user to test delay/panning settings on arbitrary placed loudspeakers really quick.

It consists of a pattrstorage to provide the model and calculation, a small script to add new sets of delay/gain/pattr-objects and a js + jit.gl patch to graphically control the placement of the presets and the interpolation.

A small tutorial will be uploaded in the near future.
ej.4m.js Javascript (js) Calculate minimum, mean, median and maximum on an int/float stream
ej.cc.js Javascript (js) Change object Color
ej.cn.js Javascript (js) Change Name of named object
ej.cycle.js Javascript (js) Route value to different outlets.
like cycle... but for any type of message.
ej.dn.js Javascript (js) Display a named object.
It allows you to open any supatcher which contains a named object you're looking for.
ej.fplay Javaclass (mxj) Non-graphical multi-breakpoint function editor (equivalent of ej.function.js without the drawing feature).
ej.function.js Javascript (jsui) UI: multi bpf editor compatible with the standart function object
ej.led.js Javascript (jsui) does the same as the standard LED object / button object
ej.lock.js Javascript (js) Get/set locked mode (patch edit mode)
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debug: SELECT prenom, nom FROM auteurs RIGHT JOIN auteur_libraries USING (id_auteur) WHERE auteur_libraries.id_library='128'Nick Rothwell Jetty-based embedded web server for MaxMSP. The server is packaged into an MXJ object, and can serve files from any directory in MaxMSP\'s search path. The server implements two-way communication with Max: the object reports web requests into the Max world, and Max can create attribute bindings for JSPs.

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