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buffer~ External Multichannel sample buffer
buffer~ works in conjunction with many different objects, including play~/groove~ (to play the buffer), record~ (records into the buffer), info~ (to report information about the buffer), peek~ (to write into/read from the buffer like the table object), lookup~ (to use the buffer for waveshaping), cycle~ (to specify a 512-point waveform), and wave~ (to specify a waveform).
fftinfo~ External get info about the fft frames in a patcher loaded by pfft~
info~ External Report loop and sample pitch information from a buffer~
Report loop and sample pitch information from a buffer~. info~ reports the information in a file read into a buffer~ object when you send it a bang. If the information is not present, it will be 0. info~ does not require that the audio be turned on in order to work. Loop and tuning information is found in AIFF files.
sfinfo~ External Report information about a sound file.
Report information about a sound file. sfinfo~ gives you the number of channels, sample size, sampling rate, and duration of an AIFF or Sound Designer II file.
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