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hint External pop-up floating hint/tooltip for user interface assistance
Move the mouse over the slider below and leave it there for a second. You'll see a message appear on the screen below the slider explaining its function. Now unlock the patcher and you'll see a a dotted hint object that defines the area over which mouse movement will trigger the message. The hint object over the MSP picture below has a number of messages you can use to change its appearance. In addition, you can select a hint object and set its font and font size using the Font menu, or use its Get Info... dialog to set the other stuff.
slicen External Slices a list into N sub-lists, specified by size
Slices a list into N sub-lists, specified by size (e.g. [slicen 1 2 3] would have four outlets, and a list sent it would have its first member sent out the left, its next two out the next, its next three out the next and any remainder out the right outlet). (Hint: this may be helpful in combination with frame~...)
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