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assigner Abstraction An "intelligent" alternative to "flush" when using real-time channel assignments with note-on/note-off data.
An "intelligent" alternative to "flush" when using real-time channel assignments with note-on/note-off data. Since it's based around the "offer" object, it also lets you re-assign a new note in place of the original one.
AsyncSerial External Interface with serial devices. Provides improved functionality over the builtin [serial] object.
An external object for Max/MSP on Mac OSX that interfaces with serial devices. This is intended to provide more useful functionality than the built-in [serial] object. Namely, [AsyncSerial] listens for incoming data on a separate thread and spits it out whenever it arrives. It does not need to be polled. This is similar to how UDPReceive works, and thus similar care must be taken when dealing with multithreaded Max-patches. [AsyncSerial] can also have its input buffer flushed, which is necessary when sending commands to a device and awaiting a reply. [AsyncSerial] can also be put in and out of \\\'canonical\\\' input mode, in which data is only spit out once a newline char \\\'\\\\n\\\' is received, which is useful for parsing text-based replies. [AsyncSerial] also allows users to set VMIN and VTIME, as described in the unix manual, sub verbo \\\'termios\\\'. [AsyncSerial] can either output received data as a sequence of bytes, as [serial] does, or as a list of text symbols, which is useful with canonic input processing.
DGLFlush.mxo External External
f0.flush Abstraction replacement for the standard [flush] object. this one also handles midi channels
flush External Provide note-offs message for held notes
Provide note-offs for held notes Turn off notes that are still on
flushp Abstraction flush is not only flushing, its also unpacking. For those cases where you'd need to pack the values again, like for poly~s, flushp does this.
midiflush External Send note-offs for hanging note-ons in raw MIDI data
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