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64bit External allows one to (with filein) read 64-bit floating point values into Max (they are truncated by Max to 32-bit - use if you want the data, not the precision).
dot.filein Abstraction Adds dump command to the filein object.
Adds dump command to the filein object.
filein External Read a file as unsigned binary data
filein allows access to any file as binary data. When a number arrives at one of its inlets, the data at that byte index is sent out filein's outlet. The particular inlet determines whether 8, 16, or 32 bits of data are output.
SDIF-fileinfo External Read info about SDIF streams from an SDIF file
SDIF-menu2 Javascript (jsui) Attractive tabular display of information from SDIF-fileinfo about the streams in an SDIF file. (jsui)
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