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drunk External Output random numbers in a moving range
Drunk takes two optional arguments. The first argument is a range specification, the second is a step size. Drunk does a random walk, constrained between zero and the range (here 128) and step of up to one less than the maximum step size. The maximum step size can be changed via the inlet with an int and int output is produced by inputting a bang in the inlet. The default range is 128, the default current value is 64, and the default step size is 2 (steps of 0 and 1 are allowed). A negative step size is the same as a positive one, except that steps of size 0 are never made.
ej.ldrunk Javaclass (mxj) drunk for list
more than a drunk for list (big list)
f0.drunk Abstraction floating-point drunk
vb.listdrunk External same as [drunk] but for lists
Vdronk Abstraction Vdronk is my implementation of the Max drunk object.
Dronk can produce the same number twice. Arguments and inlets 2 and 3 have the same meaning as drunk. Defaults for these arguments are 128 and 1. The output will be between 0 and the value expressed in argument 1 (inlet 2) inclusive. Argument 2 (inlet 3) is the "stagger" interval and is also inclusive. This behavior is different from drunk. For example: if the wander interval is 2 and the previous output was 7, the next output can be 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9.
xy.drunk External like drunk object, for coordinate values
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