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a-radial External drawing circularly aid
collX External Enhanced version of the standard coll object
Enhanced version of the standard “coll” object, with the ability to specify custom file and creator types, so that the resulting coll files can have custom icons to match your app, and so that only files of certain types will be shown to the user in “open” dialogs.  Other features include a progress dialog for reading/writing files, the ability to set a default name for a file before it is saved (such as “Untitled Programs 1”), and the ability to change the prompt message which is displayed in an “open” and “save” dialogs.  For example, assuming your app allows different coll files to be read into different colls, you can put a helpful message in the open dialog to remind the user what kind of file is now being loaded or saved.
colorpicker External Select a color using a modal dialog
The colorpicker object uses an Operating System color picker dialog that lets you choose a color to be output as a Max RGB color. On the Mac OS, the Color Picker dialog that lets you choose colors in several different color spacesŃred-green-blue (RGB), hue-saturation-value (HSV), web-safe colors, and the nostalgia-inducing crayon mode. On Windows, you are presented with a standard color picker dialog, including a selection of basic colors, custom colors, a color swatch and numerical input for red-green-blue (RGB), hue-saturation-luminance (HSL)
confirmBox External Put up 1 button, 2 button, 3 button, or 4 button custom modal dialogs with or without color icons; change text and button text; retrieve which button the user clicked.
DfxRadialBlur.maxpat External Abstraction
DfxRadialGradient.maxpat External Abstraction
dial External A circular slider
dialog External Open a dialog box for text entry
Dialog makes a symbol out of the text you type in (or a message if you set the right inlet to 1) and sends it out the outlet when you click on the OK button in the dialog box. Note that the output of a dialog object is not directly "caused" by sending the object a message, so you can't count on it happening by a certain time).
ej.dialog Abstraction replacement for the dialog object
filename Abstraction sends out a read message with the full pathname of the chosen file.
In Max 4 and later, use opendialog instead
hint External pop-up floating hint/tooltip for user interface assistance
Move the mouse over the slider below and leave it there for a second. You'll see a message appear on the screen below the slider explaining its function. Now unlock the patcher and you'll see a a dotted hint object that defines the area over which mouse movement will trigger the message. The hint object over the MSP picture below has a number of messages you can use to change its appearance. In addition, you can select a hint object and set its font and font size using the Font menu, or use its Get Info... dialog to set the other stuff.
ike.dialog Abstraction Replaces Max's Dialog object
Replaces Max's Dialog object, which exhibits problems in WinMax 4.5.x., and adds extra functionality, such as trapping for the user canceling the operation.
jr.360dial.js Javascript (jsui) as jsui_360dial.js but with endless dial behavior
Max ToolBox Javascript (js) The Max ToolBox adds new editing features to Max like the ability to quickly connect objects, distribute objects in space, send messages to objects, create new objects from the keyboard and much more.
Quick feature list :

  • Distribute selected objects in space, horizontally or vertically ;

  • Connect an outlet (selectable) of an object to the inlets (selectable) of a row of objects located below ;

  • Connect the outlets (selectable) of a row of objects to the inlet (selectable) of an object located below ;

  • Connect all (or less) of the outlets of an object to the inlets (selectable) of a row of objects located below ;

  • Connect the outlets (selectable) of a row of objects to all (or less) of the inlets of a an object located below ;

  • Connect the outlets (selectable) of a row of objects to the inlets (selectable) of a row of objects located below ;

  • Connect a column of two or more objects in cascade ;

  • Send any message(s) to the selected object(s) by invoking a dialog window using a keyboard shortcut ;

  • Access most of the features of this ToolBox using the same dialog window ;

  • Quickly name a row or column of objects ;

  • Create objects at the cursor position using keyboard shortcuts (ŕ la Pure Data) (objects shortcuts are customizable) ;

  • Create objects at the cursor position using keyboard shortcuts and connect them to a previously selected object, either to the inlet or from the outlet depending on the mouse position.

midiinfo External Set a pop-up menu with current names of MIDI devices
When midiinfo receives a bang or int in its left inlet, it sends a series of messages which will set up a pop-up menu to a list of MIDI output devices. If you check "Evaluate Item Text" in the pop-up menu dialog, you can connect the right outlet of the menu to a MIDI output object to select MIDI devices by name. A number in midiinfo's right inlet creates a list of MIDI input devices.
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