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detonate External Sequencing and graphic score following
The detonate object--based on "explode" by Miller Puckette--allows you to input sequences of numbers via inlets, and to input and edit sequences graphically via the mouse and keyboard. (See "EXPLODE: A User Interface for Sequencing and Score Following" by Puckette in the Proceedings, International Computer Music Conference, 1990, Glasgow). The parameter names for input and output are redefinable. By default, from right to left are: extra 2, extra 1, track, channel, duration, velocity, pitch, and time. For MIDI purposes, these parameter names are useful, but the detonate object can be used with values of any nature as a general-purpose object for the storing and sequencing of numbers. The contents of detonate are saved with its patcher, although you can use Save As... when the detonate window is active to save it in its own file.
explode External see detonate
scrollbar.js Javascript (jsui) This is a JavaScript scrollbar object modeled after the scrollbar that Cycling 74 uses in a number of their objects (such as jit.cellblock or detonate).
A JavaScript scrollbar object which looks and feels very much like the scrollbar object released by Cycling '74 for a short period of time in 2009.
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