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delay~ External Delay calculated in samples, without feedback
delay~ is a simple delay line useful for delaying a signal a small number of samples. Using tapin~ and tapout~ it is difficult to delay a signal less than the current signal vector size. With delay~ you can specify the delay in samples via an int in the right inlet or with an optional second argument.
f0.multidelay~ Abstraction tap delay with variable number of tap outputs, independent delaytimes and levels
flextdelay~ External Delay signals with a signal as delaytime (in samples) that could be smaller then the vectorsize.
With the flextdelay it's like the standard msp delay~ possible to make the delay smaller than the vectorsize, which is not possible with tapin~ and tapout~. But like tapout~ it's also controllable with an audio signal (as number of samples).
It's fast, and uses interpolation and an allpass filter.
hoa.delay~ Abstraction An ambisonic harmonic delay.
hoa.delay~ allows you to delay the differents harmonics.
idelay~ External interpolating delay (using flext)
jg.spectdelay~ External spectral delay
jg.spectdelay~ performs an FFT of the input and supplies each frequency band with a volume control (EQ) and a recirculating delay line. EQ gain, delay time, and delay feedback can be controlled in real time. There is a way to apply a value change to a contiguous group of frequency bands. So, for example, you can hook up 16 sliders and control the bands in a way that provides more resolution to lower frequencies than if you merely divided the spectrum into 16 equal parts.

GPL-licensed source code is available.
St.Delay~ Abstraction delay line
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