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cosm.ambi.decode~ External Decode a summed bus of encoded ambisonic signals for a user-specified speaker layout.
hoa.decoder~ External An ambisonic decoder.
hoa.decoder~ decodes an ambisonic soundfield for a given number of loudspeakers.
ambi.decode~ External Decodes an ambisonic encoded sound field to a user-defined speaker array of up to 16 channels (more can be added by using more than one ambi.decode~ object).
Messages control the speaker layout, global gain, mono/spatialized balance, and decoding flavour.
Ambi2Bin~ Abstraction Converts from ambisonics to Binaural.
You will need an ambisonics decoder to decode to 7 speakers (6 speakers horizontal symetrical ring and one speaker on top).

The patch convolves the speaker inputs with the apropriate impulse responses from the MIT HRTF IR collection.
ambidecode~ External decode up to 3rd order ambisonic b-format to n audio-channels
Ambidec~ External Ambisonic decoder based on the b_dec VST plugin by Dave Malham.
Ported to MAX/MSP by Matthew Paradis
code Abstraction binary decoder
decode External Decodes a number to a specified "flag" outlet, Send 1 or 0 out a specific outlet
decode acts as a hierarchical switchboard. The right inlet is the master switch, which can turn off (send 0 out) all outlets. The middle inlet is a submaster switch, which can turn on (send 1 out) all outlets, provided they have not all been turned off by the master switch. The left inlet can turn on one of the outlets exclusively, provided neither the submaster switch nor the master switch is active.
dot.doubleSLIPdecode Abstraction Parses double-ended SLIP-encoded data with user-defined start, end, and escape characters.
dot.SLIPdecode Abstraction Parses slip-encoded data with user-defined delimiter and escape character.
f0.pdu Javaclass (mxj) decode mobile phone text messages (sms)
hoa.binaural~ External A binaural decoder for ambisonic soundfield.
hoa.binaural~ virtualizes ambisonic soundfield for two headspeakers. It uses hrtf to perform FIR filtering on the incoming signal. Hrtf are extracted from the "sipic hrtf database". hoa.binaural~ works up to the order 35 and at 44100 Hz only.
imp.dmx.artnetin Abstraction "imp.dmx.artnetin receives DMX data broadcast using the Art-Net UDP networking protocol. It cannot receive data which is sent using the newer unicast mode. The first argument sets the Art-Net subnet (0-15) and the second the Art-Net universe (0-15).
When a packet is received, it is decoded, and sent out the left outlet as a list of ints. This can be directly connected to an imp.dmx.write object as a method by which to bring an external DMX source into jitter. Additional information about the received packet is sent out the right outlet.

NOTE: This abstraction uses an external java object. The .java and .class files for this object are included in the imp.dmx package. If this object cannot be found check the files are included in your search path.

NOTE FOR USING MULTIPLE COPIES OF THE OBJECT: The raw byte data received over UDP by imp.dmx.artnetin is sent via a Max send object using the name 'imp.dmx.artnetraw'. This is done to allow multiple copies of imp.dmx.artnetin to receive data. The first copy of the object to be created will bind to the port, and will then send data to all other copies, which will fail to bind."
jb.decode Abstraction decode data using index numbers
psw.phonedecoder~ External phone decoder
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Time TunnelXL
debug: SELECT prenom, nom FROM auteurs RIGHT JOIN auteur_libraries USING (id_auteur) WHERE auteur_libraries.id_library='148'Komika Hackage This pair of externals decodes timecoded vinyl (currently only traktor scratch vinyl) and plays the decoded stream through a resample external back. It can be used to scratch sounds, movies or whatever else Max/MSP is offering to scratch.

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