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chonoch Abstraction Change or not to change, that is the question, decided by the right input.
decide External Generate random stream of bits, Choose randomly between on and off (1 and 0)
decide uses a "primitive polynomial modulo 2" method of generating a random series of 0 and 1. This method is recommended as more efficient and less prone to repetitions than taking a random number mod 2.
grainbuffer~ External grainbuffer~ is a MSP granular synthesis object that exploits the buffer~ object built into the Max/MSP environment.
grainbuffer~ is a flexible tool that allows independent control over the buffer and the grain creation. For example, users can set the rate at which the grains read from the buffer independent of their dispersion or duration. Also, loop points in the buffer can be set, allowing the user to decide which portion of the buffer will be granulated. In addition, the buffer read point can be randomized. This randomization produces various effects ranging from a 'blurring' effect to that of total randomness of grain sources.

The lastest version of grainbuffer~ is 64-bit and now features multichannel output with up to 32 channels of spatialized grains.

All parameters can be randomized. Randomizable features include the frequency, amplitude, pan position, duration and dispersion (distance between grain start times). The randomness of each of these parameters is set by a range indicating an upper and a lower limit. If the limits are set the same then the grainbuffer~ will only generate single value for that parameter.

Finally, the user can select the type of envelope. Envelope types include, sine, linear, exponential, trapezoid, parabolic, percussive, evissucrep (backwards percussive), and, of course, random, which chooses a new grain envelope randomly for each individual grain.
mp.assignment Abstraction Connect any input device to this bpatcher and assign it to any parameter. Works with HID, Midi, ASCI keyboard and lists.
mp.assignment is a fiddly little bpatcher that allows you to connect any input device and assign it to whatever you like. Because it is tied into the pattrstorage system, the assignment can change dynamically. This means a parameter in max can be controlled by any input device and this can change during performance or if you have different input devices available on different occasions, or if you decide you don't like the mapping you originally designed, you don't need to edit the patch just make a new preset for it.
strippath External Remove path information from a full pathname, leaving just the filename
strippath can be used with the output of objects such as dropfile and opendialog to remove path information. strippath also tells you whether the resulting filename is in the search path or not, so you can decide whether you should use the full path or just the filename.
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