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aka.datetime External Gregorian date and absolute time functions
This object provides the Gregorian date and absolute time calculation.
bbcomment.js Javascript (jsui) pseudo-BBcode comment object
an extened comment object implemented using jsui enabling pseudo-BBcode scripting for text layout. Updated, in particular to enable color changes.
chuck~ External [chuck~] encapsulates the ChucK music programming language in max/msp
Version 1.6 (Max5) of the [chuck~] Max/MSP object
is available for free download:


for Macintosh OS X (10.5/6).

The new [chuck~] object is up-to-date with the latest (v
release of the ChucK language, including the LiSa live-sampling
unit generators and the unit-analysis generators in the package.

[chuck~] imbeds the ChucK music-programming language in Max/MSP,
bringing a sophisticated set of synthesis and signal-processing tools
into the Max/MSP environment. [chuck~] also features an advanced
timing and scheduling system in addition to a functional-style
programming interface for algorithmic operations. Full source for
the object and the language are also on-line.

No Windows version is available at present -- sorry!

This is a fun object -- enjoy it! For more information about ChucK,
visit the ChucK web page:


Brad Garton, Director
Columbia University Computer Music Center
custom wave maker Patch a wavetable synthesizer where you can draw in what the wave looks like with your mouse.
his is basically a wavetable synthesizer where you can draw in what the wave looks like with your mouse. There are also some options to "fix" the wave you drew, including smoothing and normalization (normalization is a little buggy on other people's computers, not sure why). Look for future updates to this one, it's not done just yet.
cv.jit.label External This algorithm scans through the image and gives each connected component an individual value.
This algorithm scans through the image and gives each connected component an individual value. If you set the "mode" attribute to its default value of 0, it will paint the top-leftmost blob with ones, and will number blobs incrementally moving right and down. In mode 1, however, it will paint the blobs with the number of pixels in that blob. This can allow you, for instance, to filter only blobs that have sizes between such and such a value. Furthermore, in either mode, you can use the "threshold" attribute to erase all the blobs that are smaller than the threshold value. This is an extremely powerful (and surprisingly cheap) way of filtering noise out. In order to accommodate potentially large numbers of blobs, or large blob sizes, the output is a 1-plane long matrix. There is a hard-coded limit of 2048 possible blobs.
date External Report date and time
date reports the current date, time, or ticks (60th/sec since system startup) when sent the date, time, or ticks message.
datime Abstraction Puts out time and date on bang.
datitag Abstraction date and Time Tag : Provides a string with data and time. Usefull for creating time stamped files...
datoday Abstraction Calculate the day of this millenium for a given date.
dmxusbpro External The dmxusbpro external gives access to the Enttec DMX USB Pro interface and allows to send or receive DMX data.
The dmxusbpro external for Max and Pure Data gives access to the Enttec DMX USB Pro interface and allows to send or receive DMX 512 data.

dmxusbpro features:

* send or receive up to 512 channels of DMX data
* user setable refresh rate
* user setable start-code
* user setable break and mark-after-break time
* update the firmaware of the interface
* query available serial ports to find connected interfaces
* query device's serial number
filedate External Reports modification date of file
The filedate object takes the complete filepath of a file or folder and outputs the modification date.
loaddate Abstraction Loads the date of the day.
MultiCtrl External Allows several user interface controllers to be used simultaneously in such a way that any can be used and others are updated.
E.g. a number box and a slider control can be linked so that both will control output and when one is changed, the other changes accordingly without sending Max into stack overflow. MultiCtrl seems to deal fairly well with floats except that they are treated as integers.
now Javaclass (mxj) Reports some information about now time date
Time date
op.recognize Javaclass (mxj) Speech recognition and segmentation. Recognize is a speech to text based on Sphinx4. It translates the incoming audio signal into text and can give dates of words and phonemes in a buffer~. Uses JSGF grammar file and ngram model languages. No special voic
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Flock Vision Toolkit
Mark Godfrey
Jason Freeman
The Flock Vision Toolkit is a set of computer vision algorithms and utilities for lens correction, skew correction, image stitching, and particle filter-based tracking.

These objects were developed by Mark Godfrey, an MS candidate in Music Technology at Georgia Tech and one of the principal collaborators on Jason Freeman\'s Flock, an evening-length performance work for saxophone quartet and audience participation.
David Butler imp.dmx is a cross-platform collection of Max/MSP/Jitter abstractions for dealing with DMX data in various forms. It focuses around the use of jitter matrices to store data, which the objects then read and write to. The aim is to provide the bridge between your patch and whatever object or method you use to output DMX from Max. The abstractions use native Max objects only, excepting the Art-Net patches which use some custom java networking objects, included in the distribution package.
If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact me at david@theimpersonalstereo.com.
Check for updates at http://www.theimpersonalstereo.com.

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