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ctlin External Output incoming MIDI control change messages
Ctlin can take up to two arguments for MIDI controller number and channel. The number of outlets is variable between 1 and 3 depending on the number of arguments. If a MIDI control change message is received, ctlin outputs ints from right (MIDI channel), middle (controller number), to left (controller value). Note: Controller 1 is normally the modulation wheel on most synthesizers.
ctlins Abstraction A bunch of ctlins (up to 16)
jr.midi.ctlin Abstraction midicontroller abstraction with midilearn function
St.DblCtlin Abstraction Receive Double Precision Midi controllers
St.DialIn Abstraction Provide a ctlin-like abstraction for the Doepfer Pocket Dial
St.LearnCtlin Abstraction Allows to let the controller number and channel be learned.
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