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a-count External a floating counter
a floating counter
autocount External Similar to counter object but with internal metro.
Has a few additional features and slightly different behavior. autocount does not repeat the extremes when it reaches min or max in the updown or downup patterns. Changing min does not reset the current counter value. It has three additional patterns: oscillate, random, and follow. Its metro function has two modes, max, and accurate.
barrier~ External barrier~ stops incoming signal when a counter shows non 0.
clockdiv Abstraction Midi clock counter.
Simple object which inputs a midi clock and outputs a count from 0 to n-1. Timing of the count is specified as a division of a bar at the current tempo.
counter External Count the bang messages received, output the count
Counts bangs at its left input
count~ External Signal counter
Signal counter. count~ can be used to do sample playback using index~
cv.jit.mean External Computes the mean value of each pixel over time.
Computes the mean value of each pixel over time. Works a lot like the regular Max object "mean". In order to clear the matrix, you must send the "reset" message rather than "clear", as "clear" will not reset the internal frame counter to zero. Accepts any data type or planecount. Note, however, that due to rounding errors, char and long calculations are going to deviate downwards from the actual mean. If accuracy is an issue, or you plan to feed cv.jit.mean a large number of frames, convert to floating point beforehand.
f0.float_counter Abstraction counter with float direction/rate
f0.limit_counter External a different counter with floor and ceiling
f0.ultimate_counter External counter with float direction/rate and loop settings
f0.ultimate_counter.js Javascript (js) counter with float direction rate and loop settings
idx External prepend index to anything / extended counter
Lcount External A simple counter that behaves rather like C code or some hardware.
pop External bang counter, filter or repeat bangs
RCer External Smoothes continuous data.
It has many uses, from smoothing out incoming controller data, to doing counter and line-type operations. Limits output between a minimum and maximum. Input is a destination value RCer will seek. It outputs values in increments of step, in time intervals of rate, until it reaches the destination. It then shuts off until a new destination is received. If it receives a new destination before reaching an old destination, the new destination takes precedence and the old is ignored.
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