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acosh External Hyperbolic arc-cosine function
Calculates a hyperbolic arc-cosine of the input
acosh~ External Arc Hyperbolic cosine function (acosh(x)) for signals
cosh External Hyperbolic cosine function
Calculates the hyperbolic cosine of the input
cosh~ External Hyperbolic cosine function (cosh(x)) for signals
lp.coshy External Generate random numbers from a Cauchy distribution
The Cauchy distribution has a single parameter, ɗ. The standard Cauchy distribution is symmetrical. In some literature reference is made to a positive Cauchy distribution, and the lp.coshy object can optionally produce this variant. Although not found in the literature, lp.coshy supports a negative variant for the sake of symmetry to the positive form. Although the standard Cauchy distribution is symmetrical around zero, its mean does not converge but is undefined. Sooner of later one gets used to this.
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