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cosm.ambi.decode~ External Decode a summed bus of encoded ambisonic signals for a user-specified speaker layout.
cosm.ambi.encode~ External Encode a monophonic source according to object relative location and viewer orientation, up to 3rd order 3D.
cosm.audio~ External Sonify an object controlled by cosm.nav, including distance filtering, doppler, and control messages for cosm.ambi.encode~
Cosm.field External Interpolated lookup of a 3D field (n planes) by a matrix of 3-plane vertex locations.
Cosm.gl.bounds External Draw a convenient bounding box around the current world
cosm.master External Manages state and navigation of the world
cosm.nav External Control object movements and orientations within a world, including messages for jit.gl.* objects
cosm.render External Translates world state into messages for jit.gl.render and jit.window
cosm.world External Additional control of world state, such as dimensions, collision mapping etc.
2p2z~ External two-pole two-zero filter
F2p2z~ [2p2z~] is a message-based two-pole two-zero filter which is more costly than the filter object f2p~ [2pole~] but less expensive than wahwah~.
2pole~ External two-pole filter
F2p~[2pole~] is a message-based two-pole filter which is less costly than the other two filter objects in MAX: f2p2z~ [2p2z~] and wahwah~. This is the simplest resonant filter possible in Max, the equation being: y[n] = c0*x[n] + c1*y[n-1] + c2*y[n-2] where x[n] is the input signal, y[n] is the output signal and c0, c1, and c2 are the 3 coefficients. See wahwah~ and f2p2z~ [2p2z~].
acos External Arc-cosine function
Calculates the arc-cosine of the input
acosh External Hyperbolic arc-cosine function
Calculates a hyperbolic arc-cosine of the input
acosh~ External Arc Hyperbolic cosine function (acosh(x)) for signals
acos~ External Arc-cosine function (acos(x)) for signals
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debug: SELECT prenom, nom FROM auteurs RIGHT JOIN auteur_libraries USING (id_auteur) WHERE auteur_libraries.id_library='147'Wesley Smith
Graham Wakefield
Cosm is an integrated collection of externals and abstractions to assist the construction of navigable, sonified virtual worlds using Max/MSP/Jitter. Cosm has been designed to require only minimal changes to existing Max/MSP/Jitter patches to support a number of features valuable in the creation of virtual worlds.

Supports six-degrees-of-freedom (6DoF) navigation using quaternions, spatial audio using 3rd order Ambisonics, distance filtering and doppler, collision detection using spherical intersection (query sphere), world boundaries, stereographic control, 3D field interaction, and a strategy for remote rendering.

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