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3Dcartopol External convert cartesian to polar coordinates in 3D (lefthanded coordinate system)
cartopol External Cartesian to Polar coordinate conversion
cartopol~ External Cartesian to polar coordinate conversion.
cv.jit.cartopol Abstraction Treats the data in two matrices as cartesian coordinates and translates to polar data.
dot.cartopol3 Abstraction Converts 3D Cartesian coordinates to polar representation.
lp.c2p~ External Convert Cartesian to Polar coordinates
This object was developed prior to the availability of the cartopol~ object in MSP version 2. It is retained in the Litter Power package to allow older Patchers that required this object to run unaltered and for users of older MSP versions. Conveniently, the interfaces of lp.c2p~ and cartopol~ are identical.
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