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#1 Abstraction Just the existence of empty #x objects allows for creating subpatchers with this kind of differentiation. No annoying '#1: No such object' anymore.
ajm.env~ Abstraction An MSP envelope generator with independent breakpoint functions for attack and release
Has a a bpatcher GUI object ajm.envui
autoBpatcher (Automatic BPatcher) Javascript (js) With autoBpatcher included, your abstractions open automaticly as a Bpatcher with the size of your layout in presentation mode.
There is an abstraction in this zip file. Place this in your own abstractions. Set 'open in presentation' in your patcher window inspector to true. That's it. Whenever you create a new instance of your abstraction, it opens in an bpatcher.
bpatcher External A patcher in a box in a patcher window
For patchers you want to use as user interfaces in patcher windows, try bpatcher. After you create a bpatcher, choose Get InfoÉ from the Object menu to bring up the bpatcher inspector. Click the Open... button to choose a patcher file to include inside the box. Note that the patcher must be inside the Max search path to work properly. The bpatcher's box can be resized to show more or less of the patcher window's objects. By default, the box shows the top left corner of the patcher window, but this can be changed by dragging inside the box with the command and shift keys down.
ej.jit.preview Abstraction (Bpatcher) JItter patcher window with slowing down information
Small jit.pwindow with display speed limiter. Useful to make your you have some incoming matrix without eating too manu CPU cyclces.
ej.op.js Javascript (js) Open subpatcher by name.
Open subpatcher by name.
Framework Patch The framework part of the patch comprises 9 bpatcher objects connected in series. The user loads different kind of audio treatment modules into the bpatchers.
I wanted to do a project where the many people could contribute to a big Max patch for treating audio. So I developed Framework, a free to use / modify modular audio patch made in Max/MSP. Download it, read below and get coding! (note: you need to have a copy of Max/Msp 4.5+ to make modules!)
funnel External Map an integer into a list identified by inlet number
funnel makes lists that identify the source of a number. It can be used to store numbers into a table or coll based on their source (open subpatcher below). Or it can be used in conjunction with env and spray (see env help file).
jcom.gui Abstraction user interface component
jmod.gui is a component that is used as the background for a module when it is being designed. It is loaded in a bpatcher, and it requires an argument that matches the first argument of the jmod.hub object in the module.
jr.bp.adc~ Abstraction a bpatcher abstraction for stereo sound input
jr.bp.cpu Abstraction a bpatcher abstraction to show the cpu usage of the DSP chain
jr.bp.dac~ Abstraction a bpatcher abstraction for stereo sound output
mp.assignment Abstraction Connect any input device to this bpatcher and assign it to any parameter. Works with HID, Midi, ASCI keyboard and lists.
mp.assignment is a fiddly little bpatcher that allows you to connect any input device and assign it to whatever you like. Because it is tied into the pattrstorage system, the assignment can change dynamically. This means a parameter in max can be controlled by any input device and this can change during performance or if you have different input devices available on different occasions, or if you decide you don't like the mapping you originally designed, you don't need to edit the patch just make a new preset for it.
Multiple Module Coll Memory System Patch An example patcher (tutorial) showing a system for collecting the data from many UI objects in different patchers or bpatchers (“Multiple Modules“) into a single coll file as a program of several lines.
An example patcher (tutorial) showing a system for collecting the data from many UI objects in different patchers or bpatchers (“Multiple Modules“) into a single coll file as a program of several lines. Each program can have a name, which appears in a popup menu of all the names for various programs. Programs may be saved, cleared, or entered, sending the various stored values for display in the correct UI objects in the various modules. The entire master coll file can be written to or read from disk, thereby allowing the user to save a complete “bank” of programs. Unlike use of the preset object, your data file can be edited as text, and adding/removing UI objects from the modules as your application grows is far easier than trying to do that with a preset object (which usually stops working after awhile).
mute~ External Disable signal objects in a patcher
mute~ provides an easy way to disable only the signal objects in a subpatcher. An alternative is to use pcontrol as shown below, but this disables all objects (i.e. MIDI) and is slightly slower.
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