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analyzer~ External FFT-Based Perceptual Analysis
FFT-Based Perceptual Analysis.Pitch tracker based on fiddle~ from Miller Puckette.
en_analyzer~ External interface to The Echo Nests's audio analysis.
en_analyzer~ is a Max external that provides an interface to The Echo Nest's audio analysis API. The Echo Nest provides automatic musical analysis that uses machine listening techniques to extract attributes such as tempo, key, time signature, harmony, timbre, and rhythmic structures. With en_analyzer~, Max users can use The Echo Nest's technology to analyze audio data from a buffer~ object. The resulting analysis data can then be used to manipulate the original audio. Possible applications include building visualization tools, filtering or sorting segments of a song based on their pitch or timbre, and using rhythmic and harmonic events in a song to trigger another musical or visual process.
frequency analyzer Patch This patch analyzes the frequency of an input signal and outputs a graph of frequency vs. level.
ibva External interactive brainware visual analyzer
mattrms~ External RMS energy analyzer with an idiosyncratic control structure
pvgrain~ External a spectrum analyzer for granular resynthesis
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