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cosm.ambi.decode~ External Decode a summed bus of encoded ambisonic signals for a user-specified speaker layout.
hao.encoder~ External An ambisonic encoder
hoa.encoder~ creates the circular harmonics of a signal depending of a given order and the position on a circle.
hoa.dac~ External An ambisonic audio output.
hoa.dac~ makes easier the setting of the channels. It works like a dac~ object but you can use the matlab syntax ":" to set the loudspeakers routing.
hoa.decoder~ External An ambisonic decoder.
hoa.decoder~ decodes an ambisonic soundfield for a given number of loudspeakers.
hoa.optim~ External An ambisonic optimization external.
hoa.optim~ applies an optimization to the cylindrical harmonics. It can be basic for no optimization, maxRe or inPhase.
hoa.play~ External An audio file player for ambisonic soundfield.
hoa.play~ creates an sfplay~ object with the best arguments to play of an ambisonic soundfield.
hoa.plug~ External A partcher that duplicates patcher for hoa processing.
hoa.plug~ facilitates the modularization of patches for ambisonic processing. The number of inlets and outlets is dependant on the number of inlets and outlets objects within its subpatch window, the ambisonic order andf the 1st argument. The 2nd argument is the name of the patcher to load and the 3rd argument is the mode pre, no or post decoding.
hoa.projector~ External An ambisonic projection external.
hoa.projector~ discretizes the ambisonic soundfield into an array of virtual loudspeakers and gives a access to a new sound domain.
hoa.record~ External An audio file recorder for ambisonic soundfield.
hoa.record~ creates an sfrecord~ object with the best arguments to record of an ambisonic soundfield. The limit defined in Max is 15 inputs then the maximum order can be 7.
hoa.rotate~ External An ambisonic soundfield rotation external.
hoa.rotate~ allows you to rotate the ambisonic soundfield.
hoa.scope~ External An ambisonic harmonic scope UI.
hoa.scope~ displays the harmonics of an ambisonic soundfield on a circle. The number of harmonics is defined at the object creation with the attribute @order and create order * 2 + 1 inputs (ex : hoa.scope~ @order 7).
ambi.decode~ External Decodes an ambisonic encoded sound field to a user-defined speaker array of up to 16 channels (more can be added by using more than one ambi.decode~ object).
Messages control the speaker layout, global gain, mono/spatialized balance, and decoding flavour.
ambi.granulate~ External Granulates an incoming signal into an Ambisonic soundfield.
ambi.weight~ External balances the components of an Ambisonic encoded soundfield per order, using a set of pre-defined or user-defined weights.
Ambi2Bin~ Abstraction Converts from ambisonics to Binaural.
You will need an ambisonics decoder to decode to 7 speakers (6 speakers horizontal symetrical ring and one speaker on top).

The patch convolves the speaker inputs with the apropriate impulse responses from the MIT HRTF IR collection.
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debug: SELECT prenom, nom FROM auteurs RIGHT JOIN auteur_libraries USING (id_auteur) WHERE auteur_libraries.id_library='90'Dave Malham
Matthew Paradis
Ambisonic technology ported to Max/MSP
Ambisonic externals
debug: SELECT prenom, nom FROM auteurs RIGHT JOIN auteur_libraries USING (id_auteur) WHERE auteur_libraries.id_library='89'Graham Wakefield Max/MSP externals for Ambisonic encoding, rotating and decoding up to 3rd order for two or three dimensional speaker arrays.
debug: SELECT prenom, nom FROM auteurs RIGHT JOIN auteur_libraries USING (id_auteur) WHERE auteur_libraries.id_library='147'Wesley Smith
Graham Wakefield
Cosm is an integrated collection of externals and abstractions to assist the construction of navigable, sonified virtual worlds using Max/MSP/Jitter. Cosm has been designed to require only minimal changes to existing Max/MSP/Jitter patches to support a number of features valuable in the creation of virtual worlds.

Supports six-degrees-of-freedom (6DoF) navigation using quaternions, spatial audio using 3rd order Ambisonics, distance filtering and doppler, collision detection using spherical intersection (query sphere), world boundaries, stereographic control, 3D field interaction, and a strategy for remote rendering.
debug: SELECT prenom, nom FROM auteurs RIGHT JOIN auteur_libraries USING (id_auteur) WHERE auteur_libraries.id_library='165'Julien Colafrancesco
Pierre Guillot
Eliott Paris
Hoa Library is a collection of C++ classes and MAX/MSP objects destined to high order ambisonic sound reproduction.
It‘s totally free and made availlable by CICM, a research center bi-localized between Paris VIII University and the MSH (Maison des sciences de l‘Homme).
ICST Ambisonics
debug: SELECT prenom, nom FROM auteurs RIGHT JOIN auteur_libraries USING (id_auteur) WHERE auteur_libraries.id_library='91' Jasch
Philippe Kocher
Externals for Ambisonics surround sound processing.

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