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acos External Arc-cosine function
Calculates the arc-cosine of the input
acosh External Hyperbolic arc-cosine function
Calculates a hyperbolic arc-cosine of the input
acosh~ External Arc Hyperbolic cosine function (acosh(x)) for signals
acos~ External Arc-cosine function (acos(x)) for signals
alea-1/f External 1/fnoise random number generator based on Clarke and Voss. Note that the slash (/) should be suppressed from the objectÕs name in MacOS X version otherwise the object wonÕt be recognized.
filetype External get and set MacOS file type and creator codes,
and filename extensions, from within Max
home External Get the current user's home directory on MacOS X
home finds the path to the Users "Home" directory - this would be "~/ " on Unix, and spits it out as a MaxMSP-path like "Macintosh HD:/Users/You". This way you can finally write preferences to ~/Library/Preferences/ , thus a Max standalone can run without admin rights, for example...
loadXbang Abstraction Determine if you have loaded MacOS X
Shoutreceiver~ External Receive audioStreams (mp3 or similar) from network sources
MacOSX Max/MSp Object to receive AudioStreams from Network inside Max 5. Stream decompression is done by Quicktime, so when QT is able to read/open the stream, shoutreceiver should be able as well.
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