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accum External value accumulator, add, multiply
accum stores a value (int or float) and adds and/or multiplies into it. If int, the multiplication is still done in floating-point but is then converted back.
au.hc External combine motion and accumulated stills
DGLAccum.mxo External External
DGLClearAccum.mxo External External
dot.leakyintegrator Abstraction An accumulator with a hole in it. The leakiness is highly customizable.
dot.signaccum Abstraction Accumulates positive vs. negative same-sign deltas.
gem.accumrotate External Accumulate a rotation
integ Abstraction Accumulates input values until a bang (or any input) is sent to the right inlet.
Laccum External An object to add a series of lists, member by member.
list-accum External "Accumulate" a list by adding elements gradually. Much like "zl group" except it can output arbitrary-length lists.
Llimit External An object to accumulate lists clipped to limits.
multiply accumulate signal (*=~) External Signal multiplication and accumulation.
Each incoming bit is multiplied with the previous output signal, starting from a given argument.
Usefull when using MSP as alternative signal mechanism (for when Max fails in accuacy).
Analogue to the +=~ object. Also resets to 0 by a bang and sets to a value by a "set" message.
paccum External variation on incdec
plusequals (+=) External plusequals (+=) is the C accumulation object. More convenient than the accum object, because it manages lists and avoid to use three objects to do the same work. V.2 is now universal binary.
quat2car External Select a unit vector in the quaternion rotation
"quat2car returns a unit vector representing a principal axis of the rotation, which can be useful to accumulate positions of moving objects for example. Argument 'x', 'y', 'z, '-x', '-y' or '-z' specifies which axis is the 'front'"
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